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Personenbezogener Datenschutz - Rechtliche und technische Dimensionen.


About This Course

This module facilitates learners to develop skills to comprehend the principles of Data protection, and thus value the significance of protection personal data. Within this context learners will be able to learn the legal meaning of protecting personal data and transferring data between systems and organizations on a local, EU and global level; and also visit the technical dimensions of personal data protection.

Learning objectives

The main learning objectives of this course are:

  • Comprehend the principles of data protection
  • Understand the rights of the data subjects under the GDPR
  • Learn the framework for transferring personal data in and out of the EU
  • Explore the use of personal data through the Internet, and in e-commerce
  • Comprehend the technical dimension of processing personal data

Course structure

The DataPRO online course consists of the following modules:

  • 1.The European Framework for Data Protection
  • 2. Protection of Personal Data during management. Legal status & Information Security Governance
  • 3. The role and Responsibility of DPO
  • 4.Internet, e-commerce and Personal Data

FAQ section

What is the duration of this theoretical on-line course

This is a self-paced course, meaning that you as the learner can organize your training duration according to your schedule and speed. It is estimated a total of 40-hours duration including the quizzes and extra suggested reading. Please contact your national administrator from the list below to inform you on the deadline by which you need to complete your course in your country.

How i can get access to the course content?

You need first to register in the platform and activate your account through an activation email. Please, check your spam folder just in case. As soon as you activate your account you are free to enroll in any of the platform courses and access the course content.

Do I have to give an assessment/exam at the end of the course?

TYes, if you want to receive your Certificate of Attendance, you need to obtain at least 60% in all four quizzes found at the end of each module. Once you reach the threshold of 60%, you can request your Certificate on-line. You can always monitor your progress through the Progress page at any time.

I have now completed the on-line theoretical course. How can I proceed to the next stage, the practical ‘Work-based learning -WBL’?

Please contact your national administrator from the list below to inform you on the WBL stage valid in your country.

  • Cyprus - Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Demetra Palaonda,
  • Greece - AKMI Metropolitan College, Aspasia Mousoulidi,, Viktoria Topalidi
  • Germany - IHK, Harmut Schroeder,

Additional information

For technical details please contact us at